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A direct descendant of the "Trail Of Tears" Cherokee womans' personal journey that informs and reflects into the world of horse slaughter bringing awareness to the issues affecting wild and domestic horses and connecting people of all ages to the Spirit of the Horse through the ARTS. 



Documentary Short Film - Non-Graphic
Produced by Thundering Hooves Non - Profit
Original Music by Gareth Laffely

Horses are sacred animals, gifts from our creator, yet today they are being hauled to a place they were never meant to be ...the slaughter house. 

From the Director:
About this film, it was not planned, when Darrel and I set out that morning on our trip to Presidio I had no idea of what we were soon to witness. Slaughter bound horses loading into Mexico transport trucks. It was heartbreaking watching them load, knowing full well what they were soon to face, and being unable to help them. As a Cherokee Elder I feel strongly that as compassionate, intelligent human beings we can and should do better by the horses – allowing anyone to profit off the suffering of innocent animals is the atrocity of a nation! - Neta Rhyne


THEIR LAST RIDE -the final journey

Documentary Short Film - Non-Graphic
Produced by Thundering Hooves Non - Profit
Written/Directed by Neta Rhyne

Stay tuned - 2023 Announcements Coming Soon! 

-Neta Rhyne

Thundering Hooves Founder/Executive Director 


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